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The affair is published in an Environmental Research Letters extraordinary examination on Extreme Events and the Carbon Fisk participated in the GTSP (Global Technology Strategy Program) Technical Workshop and GCAM Community Modeling Meeting hosted by means of the Joint Global Change Research Institute on October 1-4 gave a manifestation powerful "One copy progression: Impacts of mannequin amalgamation, setting dispute fact, pattern willpower, and initialization string, on projections of outlook off-colour assuagement strategies" in the classify: "Integrated Assessment and Earth System Models" George Hurtt inexactly participated in the WGCM 17 category counting Joint WGCM-AIMES category, "Interactions between Managed Ecosystems accessible the JGCRI on OCT 1 - 3 led the argument on the "What have we discerning from CMIP5? Questions for CMIP6? - LUMIP." George Hurtt traveled to enter into in the Joint GLP/iLEAPS/AIMES factory, "Interactions amidst Managed Ecosystems, Climate, and Societies (IMECS)"in Amsterdam, Netherlands on September 25 - 26 led the conversation on the "Land-use folder and projections to hand the pandemic degree for measures ill interactions." Summer 2013 George Hurtt traveled to perform in the discussion group "Next age below par moderate experiments indispensable to impend experience and for demand of CMIP6" to hand the AGCI in Aspen, CO on Aug 5-9, was stool of the "Land-use Panel" and on the fortification "Formulating CMIP6".George Hurtt traveled to have a share in in the EMF Summer Workshop, "Climate Change Impact and Integrated Assessments"in Snowmass, CO on July 31 - Aug 2 led the conversation on the "Land-Use Harmonization.

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